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Javascript - Traversing the HTML DOM recursively

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 2011-11-25
Javascript tutorial to learn basic HTML DOM methods and implement it to traverse the HTML element tree.
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dovalidate-js - Javascript Form Validation Library

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 2011-10-11
dovalidate-js is the javascript validation library. It is one of the plugin which comes under the SWAPJS namespace - which is the core library still in development process.
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Wondering n' Finding the reason

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 2010-06-03
Just curious about why sometimes things don't happen the way we think.
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Why the hell !!!

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 2010-02-28
I don't know what made me write this..., just few thoughts flew in my head and here is the result.
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20 years of Sachin Tendulkar

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 2009-11-24
An era of 20 years owned by one and only Sachin Tendulkar.
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Text Area Auto Xpander v1.0

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 2009-09-28
This is an update to the Text Area Auto Xpander with couple of improvements compared to the previous Text Area Auto Xpander 0.9
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