My Thoughts

this blog is all about, what i do, what i feel, what i think & how i deal.

Current Page Link Highlighter - Javascript

This script will help in highlighting the current active page's link on the webpage to be highlighted.

Javascript Clock inspired by Word Clock of Simon Heys

Simon Heys' Word Clock inspired me to make similar stuff in javascript. This is been done to learn more about javascript.

A Flash gallery with Picasa Web albums API

I was in need for a flash gallery which will show photographs from my Picasa web album with the use of an API and which I could embed into my website with some simple configurable variables.

Matheran - First Zulmi Picnic 2

The 2nd day of the picnic was spent mostly doing a site-seeing across Matheran and way down the hill and back home. The following post again share some pics clicked by Gaurav's Camera.

Matheran - First Ever Zulmi Picnic

Matheran - the Birthplace of ZULMI Group.The first day of the picnic was spent by climbing up to the Matheran.Below is the photo album of the journey by Gaurav's Camera.

One World, One Dream

The following quotes about "Universal Outlook" are the thoughts by Harikrishna Natrajan.

Daughter of Demons

An excerpt from the "The Times Of India" about the basic life cycle of spending Lakshmi (wealth) and getting it back.

A philosophy of life

A nice philosophy of life taken from the fireftp inventor's website.

There is a way out there

"There is a way out there" is the never lose hope message, which tries to tell that whenver you see yourself alone, lost, afraid, just don't give up.

It's Me...

"It's Me..." is strange yet simple feeling of finding yourself in everyone.

Just another dream

Well these are the lines which I narrated online - on chat - to my friend when she was getting bored, and result of it she logged out without informing.

Our college song

The whole theme of the song is inspired or in simple words copied from the "Final Countdown" song by Europe.

Memorable day at pali

The trip to the Jackson's home town. One of the best memories/experiences of the college time.

May be

"May be" is the fantasy - sharing bunch of some lovely moments cherished with someone n remembered for lifetime.

Walking on road

This is just another fantasy about the way life can take turns when you are "Walking on road".