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Learning Regular Expressions - Resource

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 16 Dec, 2011

NOTE: The website from which the links were used is down since long time.

Regular Expression is one the the powerful term in programming world. It has become the part of the daily programming world. Although it might be simple form validation in javascript or pattern matching while crawling the webpage and yes you can do it with Regular Expression.

Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Python.... list does not end.... regular expression is an in built part of it. And if not then surely it has some library to support it in some way or the other.

Those who know it, can create magic on the go, and those who don't know it are afraid like hell. My suggestion go visit the hell and you will never regret a thing about it.

Following are the the few resource from the site

All Regular Expression articles on Regex Category on Regular Expression:

  1. Learn writing regular expression in 60 minutes
  2. Regex – Literal Characters And Special Characters
  3. Regex – How a Regex Engine Works Internally?
  4. Regex – Character Classes or Character Sets
  5. Regex – Dot Matches (Almost) Any Character
  6. Regex – Start and End of String or Line Anchors
  7. Regex – Word Boundries in Regular Expression
  8. Regex – Alternation
  9. Regex – Optional Item
  10. Regex – Repetition Using Various Quantifiers
  11. Regex – Matching Modes
  12. Regex – Free Spacing
  13. Regex – Adding Comments

All the best. Rule Regular Expression.

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