My Thoughts

this blog is all about, what i do, what i feel, what i think & how i deal.

Just another dream

Well these are the lines which I narrated online - on chat - to my friend when she was getting bored, and result of it she logged out without informing.

Our college song

The whole theme of the song is inspired or in simple words copied from the "Final Countdown" song by Europe.

Memorable day at pali

The trip to the Jackson's home town. One of the best memories/experiences of the college time.

May be

"May be" is the fantasy - sharing bunch of some lovely moments cherished with someone n remembered for lifetime.

Walking on road

This is just another fantasy about the way life can take turns when you are "Walking on road".

Thought that made my day

"Thought that made my day" is just an imagination, which tells about the so many amazing things that can happen in every day life.

I wanna run

"I wanna run" is the feeling of setting yourself free and run to explore the world and touch the sky.

Is this heaven?

An argument to myself about differences between the mother earth and divine heaven.

An Ultimate Human Power

Just a philosophical thought about thinking power and the fantasy that can be met with it, and the power that it hold in itself.

Why are we here?

The thought to find the reason of our existence, the curiosity to find the secret of us being placed on this world.