My Thoughts

this blog is all about, what i do, what i feel, what i think & how i deal.

Directory Listing with PHP file & dir functions

Simple beginner's tutorial to learn basic directory and file function and create a directory listing in a neatly presented with HTML & CSS

Learning Regular Expressions - Resource

Nice resource to learn the different concepts of regular expression and mastering it simultaneously.

Javascript - Traversing the HTML DOM recursively

Javscript tutorial to learn basic HTML DOM methods and implement it to traverse the HTML element tree.

dovalidate-js - Javascript Form Validation Library

dovalidate-js is the javascript validation library. It is one of the plugin which comes under the SWAPJS namespace - which is the core library still in development process.

Wondering n' Finding the reason

Just curious about why sometimes things don't happen the way we think.

Why the hell !!!

I don't know what made me write this..., just few thoughts flew in my head and here is the result.

20 years of Sachin Tendulkar

An era of 20 years owned by one and only Sachin Tendulkar. Source: Celebrating 20 years of God on the field

Text Area Auto Xpander v1.0

This is an update to the Text Area Auto Xpander with couple of improvements compared to the previous Text Area Auto Xpander 0.9

Text Area Auto Xpander 0.9

This is just the new version of Text Area Auto Xpander with few little fixes and improvements compared to the previous Text Area Auto Xpander

Text Area Auto Xpander

This plugin or snippet is completely based on and inspired by James Padolsey's jQuery plugin: 'autoResize'. The idea is to have text area expand automatically as the user types the content more than what text area was initially meant to accomodate.

Terror strikes Mumbai, Mumbaikars rise up...

Its been 48 hours Mumbai, INDIA fighting with terrorism as it always did with courage. Time to end this sooner or later. Rise up Mumbaikars... Together we can.

Word Clock dummy - Javascript

This tutorial is meant to learn some of the basic javascript functionalities, and while learning we will try to create something similar to Simon Heys' Word Clock.

Current Page Link Highlighter - Javascript

This script will help in highlighting the current active page's link on the webpage to be highlighted.

Javascript Clock inspired by Word Clock of Simon Heys

Simon Heys' Word Clock inspired me to make similar stuff in javascript. This is been done to learn more about javascript.

A Flash gallery with Picasa Web albums API

I was in need for a flash gallery which will show photographs from my Picasa web album with the use of an API and which I could embed into my website with some simple configurable variables.