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Why are we here?

Its been a question running on my mind all the time and the answer is still unknown. The reason I’m writing about it is because I just read blog on one of my online friends blog. Rohan Ranade: Nobody cares including me.

Well when I was designing my first website I wanted to write something about myself and I started writing and end up with one line saying “The mystery behind we all human-beings staying here on earth with the company of all living beings like trees and animals.” I was amazed with the thought: its really such a curious thing why are we here? And whats the purpose of us being present on this earth which is a tiny part on this endless Universe.

Well when I read Rohan’s blog, I thought even I should write my views about it. Well as Rohan said its not really a philosophical type of question we should asking ourselves - but its so real and is such a important question. For example: We study now-a-days and run behind getting good score not because we like subjects but to get score and then get a good job in future. There are exceptions where people love subject and go on doing research and try to find the mystery behind existence of something (scientists for example). See on whichever side of fence you are you are doing it for some purpose. If everything has some purpose then there should be surely some reason and purpose of us being here on this earth.

As far as my knowledge is concerned about the history of human beings and the evolution of man, we have evolved a lot from being simply an ape to the human being of present. This is an example that everything on this world is changing and we are able to see the change and yes we are moving ahead. But the question is where? Are we moving to accomplish some goal, to start a new journey or towards an end.

I would like to write more about it. Soon will be contributing to it.