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Thought That Made My Day

Today when I was standing on the stop, the thought came to my mind, And when I turned around, I saw her standing in the line.

She was talking to herself, something which I didnt know, I was trying to read her mind, but I just didn’t wanted to show.

And at that moment itself, bus came and halted, I climbed on it, and she climbed back and thats what all I wanted.

I sat on the lonely sit remaining and she just had to stand, And when bus broke, she had a fall, I gave her my hand.

She smiled at me and her eyes twinkled, I offered her a vacant place, She gladly accepted the offer, and sat there with GODs grace.

I stood by her the whole time till my bus stop came, To my surprise she got down with me as her bus stop was same.

As a gesture I turned to her and showed surprise on my face, And she again exchanged a smile and walked on her way in pace.

On the way to home in the evening I was again standing on the stop, And once again few lovely thoughts started to take hop.

I crossed my fingers and touched the wood and started to turn behind, Nobody in this world would have known who was in my mind.

But to my disappointment she was nowhere to be seen, To whom should I share this thought, that I was so keen.

And when this all stuff was going on, the BUS again arrived, I climbed onto it with shake of my head saying I should have tried.

As I was standing in the bus with all the dis-appointment, Suddenly I saw one ray of light as if I had an appointment.

She was already there in the bus standing 2 people ahead of me, I made some movements to let her notice so that she could see.

I looked around and in my watch the hands were showing time seven, I tell you people I was feeling like I was in 7th heaven.

I saw her again with that sweet smile, and twinkle in her eye, I was feeling so much good as if I was flying in the sky.

Thats why I say my friend there no need to lose the HOPE, Whenever you are falling just make sure you look around for the ROPE, And when you get the grip of it, dont worry you wil surely STAND, coz the other end of the rope is in the ALMIGHTY’s HAND.