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One World - One Dream

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 29 Aug, 2008

This is the dream to see the world as one big mass of land where every individual living being belongs to. And is the step towards the day where every one will be known as the WORLD CITIZEN.

i'm a hater of political boundaries. in my idealistic imagination of world, i have nothing called countries, passport or visa. earth is a huge piece of rock without boundaries and i can go to any corner without any1 stopping me. i shud b able to go to new york or vladivastok or congo republic or antarctica or anywhere in the world, just as easily i can go from mumbai to pune here in this so-called political division of land called india. shud b able to just catch a flight or train or anything and just go. i dislike the pieces of paper called passport or visa and the process of customs. in short, i prefer global unity to territorial patriotism.

Harikrishna Natrajan I read the above words on Harikrishna Natrajan's orkut profile, and well was pretty impressed about his thoughts. Sometimes me and some of my friends chat about making this world a better place to live. But somehow never thought about why we all are so enthusiast about territorial patriotism and always forget about global unity. Thanks to him for giving me an opportunity to share his thoughts on this site. Harikrishna Natrajan is a true environmentalist, who wants to make this world a better place to live. He is a complete sports nut, loves almost every sport on the earth. Trekking, reading books are some of the things he enjoys to do. And by profession he is a Software Engineer and a complete Linux Geek. Read more about him on his blogger profile or you can also catch him on orkut.

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