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Memorable Day at Pali

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 2008-03-16

24th December 2004.

I Was There At Bandra Station By 0830 HRS Waiting For Others To Come. As I Was Waiting On The 1st Platform For 15 Minutes I Caught Up With Sudhir There. And As You All Know How Punctual We Are, We All (We Two, Manish & Vipan) Met Up At The Ticket Counter At Bandra Station's Bridge At 0900 Hrs (Actually We Were Supposed To Meet Up At 0830 Hrs). Then We Caught Up The Train Of 0912 Hrs From Bandra Station's 3rd Platform.

We Were Going To Pali (Jackson's Home Place). We Reached Bhayender At 0950 Hrs And Dilip Came Soon At 1010 Hrs. We Were Supposed To Meet Up At 1000 Hrs At Bhayender Station But Punctuality Once Again Came Under Observations There When We All Met Up At 1040 Hrs, Thanks To Hemant. Then We Got Out Of The Station And Caught The S.T. Bus For ATNA At Around 1100 Hrs. As We All 5 Got Up The Bus Was Having Some Farsaan Bought By Manish Bhaiyaa From The Station Our Bus Broke Out In A Mid-Way. But As Our Luck Favored It Recovered In Minutes And We Were On A Ride Again. During This Journey We Discussed About All The Favourite Movies And Dialogues And Narrated Story Of Kaante To Manish, As He Never Saw That Movie. At Last After Half An Hour Journey Approximately We Reached ATNA, And From There We Took Rickshaw For Pali Shaala. We All Sat In One Rickshaw Itself And Reached Pali Beach Resort On 15 Minutes Or So. From There We Were Unable To Find Our Way To Jackson's House Thanks To Manish Bhaiyaa Who Forgot The Directions Noted Down On The Piece Of Paper In Hostel Itself. Soon We Found A PCO From Where We Called Jackson And We All Met Soon And Found Us All At Jackson's Home Approximately At 1215 Hrs.

We Had Some Snacks And Watched TV For An Hour Or So And Left To Roam Around At 1300 Hrs. We Purchased 2 Rubber Balls And Went On A Beach To Play There. We Had Great Time While Playing; We Saw Some Of The Funniest Wickets (Esp. Of Dilip And Jackson's) Ever Taken By Anybody. Manish Bhaiyaa Played A Longest Innings With Mine Being The Shortest (Just 2 Balls). We Played For An Hour Or So And Then When We All Were Tired Enough We Dropped An Idea Of One More Innings And Left For Home At 1440 Hrs. We Had Our Lunch There And Again Watched TV For Some Time, Then All Of A Sudden Jackson's Family Came Up With An Idea To Take Us All On A Boat.

After Taking A Little Break We Started To Walk Bare Feet Towards Beach Again. When We Reached The Beach We Were Seeing Various Boats Around And Were Trying To Find Jackson's Family Boat. At Last We Found Jackson's Dad On One Of The Boats. We Were Lucky To Get The Ride Because That Boat Came Back Home Previous Night Due To The Strong Winds Inside The Sea And Other Boat Was In The Sea For Its Purpose. The Small Boat Came Towards Us And Took 4 Of Us viz. Dilip, Sudhir, Vipan And Myself Towards The Bigger One While Manish, Hemant And Jackson Were Waiting On A Sea Shore For Small Boat To Return. At Last We Reached The Bigger Boat And Were Waiting For Other 3 To Come. Soon We All Were On A Boat, And Then We Saw How The Motor Engine Of He Boat Is Started And Soon Boat Was Moving. We Made Our Way Out To The Sea Parting The Boats Around And Soon We Were Sailing Into The Sea. The Wind Was Blowing Fine And We All Took Our Places And Got Settled Down. As The Waves Came By And Passed Our Boat We Were Moving Up And Down And Was Getting Pretty Excited About Our Ride. While Sailing Jackson's Dad Told Us About Certain Things About The Boats And Sea And Fishing Too. We Saw Some Of The Islands Around From The Boat And Were Just Wondering What Happens There, And After 15 Minutes Ride We Were Closing By One Of The Islands. At That Moment Jackson Told Us That We Are Getting Down On One Of The Islands.

We Were All Excited But At The Same Time We Were A Bit Afraid Because Waves Were Pretty Strong. And We Had To Cover The Distance Till The Island On A Small Boat. But Soon As The Winds Were Blowing Strongly, We Cancelled Our Idea Of Getting Down At Island. We All Were Little Disappointed But Also Felt Relaxed Because We Were Just Wondering If We Would Have Made It There. Then We Took A Way Back And We Were Seeing The Seashore Far Far Away. We Saw A Beautiful View Of The Pali Village Surrounded By Mountains From 3 Sides And One Side By Sea (Where We Were At That Very Moment). As Were Sailing Back, Water Was Splashing Against The Boat Little Furiously And Water Was Coming Over The Boat And Me And Manish Got All Wet On Boat Itself While Vipan And Hemant Went Inside The Engine Room Below The Boat. After Sailing In The Ship For An Hour Or So We At Last Reached Back To The Seashore.

Then We Went Home Back And After Watching TV For Some Time We Left For Mumbai. When On The Way Back In The Rickshaw We Were Carrying All The Beautiful Memories In Our Mind. We Would Not Have Celebrated Christmas A Day Before In Any Other Way. We All Didn't Wanted To THANKS Jackson For This Wonderful Experience And Didn't Wanted To Hear WELCOME From Him, Because It Would Have Been Irrelevant, Since Thinking Of Not Going Back To PALI Will Be Foolish Idea. Also We Thanked GOD Because We All Forgot To Carry A Simple Camera. Because If We Had Taken It With Us, We Would Have Captured All The Beautiful Scenes And That May Have Hold Us Going Back To The Place. I Would Just Like To Say That The Experience Was Simply Awesome.

Sorry I Could Not Put Proper Words For All The Actual Experience We Had, Since My English Vocabulary Is Not That Good. And Even If I Had Written It With Proper Synonyms Still It Would Not Have Been The Way We Actually Enjoyed There. Just Couldn't Resist From Holding It From You All, So Wrote This Experience. Seriously Speaking, This Was The Foolish Idea Of Putting It On Paper, But Don't You All Know How Foolish I Am?