An Ultimate Human Power

By Swapnil Sarwe, Published on 29 Mar, 2008

The power that can travel faster than light. It is this power that can make you travel through the time i.e. to the past and to the future too. Also it can make you go to any place in this world within seconds. It's nothing but your thinking power.

I still remember while studying history whenever the encounter between Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja and Afzhalkhaan was narrated or read i always went to that time and did actually saw all those events happening. It was mere my thinking power that got those pictures in front of my eyes and believe me i did saw all the things happening right here in front of my eyes.

Also when we think about doing something in future we can and do visualize all the things that could happen. We can actually see the things happening through our vision and then we can make a decision to go ahead or to drop the idea.

Also when we remember the sweet memories of some summer vacation spent at some place, we actually go there and see all the houses, roads, trees, etc. Right here in front of our eyes even though when you are thousands of miles far away from it.

Thinking power - one of the most precious power given to us by the almighty at no cost. You think - and you will see yourself change. It is just the way you think that matters, in this world. You think someway, and it is that way. No one can change your thinking. No one can stop your thinking.

Your thinking is your power, your self-respect, your confidence, your belief, your identity, your thinking is you (yourself).

So what are you waiting for - believe in yourself, just think about all the things happening around you. Think the way you can make it better, think the way you can contribute to make it better. Believe in your thinking power.

Think to go places. Think to live. Think to let live.

Believe in yourself & today itself think of something that will make the people and all the things around you feel better. Let us all think together and try to make this world a better place to leave.

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